The Beginners Guide to Blended Learning and Your Corporate Learning Strategy

Blended Learning Handbook [Free Download]


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This handbook was created to identify practical strategies to implement a blended learning program. Read through this comprehensive guide to learn how to incorporate blended learning into your learning strategy in order to drive measurable business results. The handbook is designed to be printed out, scribbled on and used to work through setting the foundation for a blended learning program for your company.
Here's a sneak peek at what you will find inside:

An overview of blended learning:

What is blended learning? Define blended learning and understand how combining instructor-led training with a digital component can enhance your employee learning programs.

What outcomes you can expect by implementing a blended learning strategy:
Discover the many ways in which blended learning can be used to add value to your existing learning programs.
A handbook for defining your 5 step blended-learning plan:
This is an area of the handbook for you to use to build the foundation of a business case for launching a blended learning initiative in your company.
...and lots more on how blended learning can drive your business results! 


The ultimate guide to transforming your enterprise learning strategy with blended learning.

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